And they lived happily ever after

Danielle Cohen
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19 September 2021

We assisted a lady who met her British partner in 2005 whilst he was still married to another woman.  Due to complications, the man’s divorce was unable to take place for many years.  In the meantime, the lady had become an over-stayer and was only able to move in with her British partner in 2013.

The interesting point about this case was that we had to demonstrate that the previous relationship (marriage) had ended, despite the fact that the divorce was not finalised.  The sponsor and his estranged wife continued living together for the sake of their children until 2013, but were living separate lives.

The applicant was aware of the situation throughout the relationship but, even after the initiation of the divorce proceedings, there were further, significant delays due to financial complications.  This meant that our client was unable to marry her long-term partner, even after they had moved in together.

We assisted her in making an entry clearance application and thereafter leave to remain.  Very soon she will be granted indefinite leave to remain as the unmarried partner of a British citizen.