Applying for global talent visas on behalf of several talented individuals

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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28 February 2023

We had the privilege of acting on behalf of several gifted Israeli photographers. One of them was a photographer who wished to make an application under Tier 1 exceptional promise, or as an emerging leader. He had produced evidence of his published photographic work, exhibitions in Israel and in Paris, and letters of endorsement from leaders in the field. We assisted him in applying for an endorsement as an emerging leader who shows exceptional promise in the field of photography. We have assisted him in selecting the documents, understanding the criteria, and drafting representations to the Art Council in the UK. Once we had managed to demonstrate that he is a leading artist who is recognised within his field of arts and culture, and argued that they professionally engaged in producing work of outstanding quality which has been published not only in newspapers or magazines. The application for a work visa for leave to enter in that capacity was very easy.

Another artist we had the pleasure of representing was a dual Israeli Canadian national who was in the UK as a student and who graduated from the Royal College of Art. We assisted her in applying for the Global Talent Visa under the category of exceptional promise as she took part in exhibitions in the UK, Germany, Italy and the USA. Again we assisted her in applying to the Home Office for an endorsement and demonstrated that she was engaged in producing outstanding work and has exhibited work regularly for five years. It was a particular pleasure working with this young artist because she is an exceptional artist, working across a variety of mediums including installation, collage, animation and video and her work not only was deeply personal, but also served as an investigation into human behaviour and body awareness. Her endorsement from leading figures in her field classified her as an artist who has the use of various media in an intimate and provocative way. We have no doubt that she will contribute to the artistic community in the UK.

Another wonderful client was a dual national Israeli and Polish citizen who is an artist and a freelance photographer who worked independently as a self-employed individual in Israel. He was engaged both in commercial and personal projects in the field of photography and his work with musicians created a new and unique photoshoot video and stills, where his personal work was heavily influenced by the fashion world. He has developed a track record in photography and we assisted him in submitting a successful application for the Global Talent Visa under the category of exceptional promise. We had to be cautious not to classify his work as fashion photography which is not a discipline supported by the Arts Council and to ensure that the evidence we provided was of artistic photography.