UAE and Nationality Law

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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27 April 2021

Emirate nationality law is laid down by Federal law, 1972 Nationality and Passport and an Emirate is a national by law if born to an Emirate father either in the UAE or abroad or to an Emirate mother if the individual’s affiliation to his or her father is not substantiated or whose mother was married to a father with unknown citizenship or lacking citizenship.  Nationality through citizenship is granted to a foreign woman married to an Emirate national after a lapse of seven years, even if the husband has died in the interim.  Nationality through naturalisation is granted to Arabs resident in the UAE or to other foreign residents under certain specific circumstances or by Presidential Decree.  Nationality can be withdrawn for a variety of reasons, usually connected with criminal behaviour. 

We are often asked to advise about dual nationality for UAE nationals.  Apart from the very recent introduction of dual nationality for talented foreign residents, there is no provision for dual nationality in the UAE.  It is counter to Article 15(b) or (c) of the consolidated nationality law.