Brexit Immigration Solicitors

There is no doubt that a vote to leave the European Union will bring about some profound changes to immigration and border controls, some of which we are already beginning to see.

The 24th June 2016 is going to be a historical day for the UK – A referendum decided that we will now no longer be a member of the EU. For some, it’s a dream come true and for others it means the end of their career or a very uncertain future

The Vote Leave camp say that Brexit would mean Britain regaining full control over its borders which would reduce migration, creating jobs for British workers and boosting wages as well as easing pressure on services. They propose to have free trade agreements with various countries instead.

Opposing camps cite different projections about the number of jobs that could be lost or gained by Brexit.

A report from Think Tank, “Open Europe” this week reported that immigration is unlikely to reduce in the event of Brexit..

There may also have to be some significant changes in border security.

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