Findings of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee of July 2016

Danielle Cohen
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2 August 2016

The Home Affairs Committee gave key findings as to the workings of the Home Office. It stated that despite the number of visa applications failing, the number of cases that were received by the Home Office which have not yet entered into their database went up. The simple administrative task of completing the information into the database is delaying the processing of cases and “does not inspire confidence in their ability to manage this case load”. The report also stated that the Home Office continued to lack an effective and efficient system for managing its immigration casework. The Committee noted that the outstanding number of asylum applications is at an all-time high and the Home Office have done nothing to address the situation. There is an unacceptably high number of asylum applications which are being dealt with inappropriately, resulting in people being returned to countries like Eritrea which the Government knows to be unsafe or successfully appealed.

The report calls on the Home Office to review its country guidance and how it applies it. The report says that if the Government continues to fail to reduce immigration detention times, in line with the Committee’s recommendations, further interventions such as a statutory limit on detention will have to be considered.

The Home Affairs Committee also said that the Home Office needs to be ready for the demands that will be placed on them by the fall-out from Brexit.

The Home Affairs Select Committee has suggested three dates after which EU migrants cannot claim permanent residence, the earliest being the referendum date a month ago. Keith Vaz, the Labour MP who chairs the Committee said that EU citizens who live in the UK should not be used as “pawns” in a complicated chess game”.