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If your current circumstances do not allow you to apply under any of the categories within the Immigration Rules, it is possible to make an application of leave outside the Immigration Rules.

As specialist human rights and immigration solicitors in the UK, Danielle and her team of lawyers have many years of experience of making these applications and have a high success rate. Danielle’s legal solutions are creative, and when she prepares your immigration application, she will think outside of the box.

Danielle will prepare for you a tailor-made application, particular to your circumstances, and will seek to make the process as stress-free as possible. She will research your case thoroughly, take comprehensive statements from you, your friends and family and liaise with third parties where relevant. Her aim is for you to submit the best-prepared application possible in your circumstances, thereby giving you the greatest chance of success.

Immigration applications for leave outside the Immigration Rules will usually be made on the basis of your human rights and it must be proved that you have particularly compelling circumstances why you should be granted leave in the UK. The Secretary of State will exercise their discretion as to whether or not to grant you leave on this basis.

Leave granted under this category is usually limited in duration to 2.5 years, but in particularly compelling circumstances where you are able to prove that there will be no change of circumstances within the next 5 years, the Home Office may agree to grant you indefinite leave to remain.

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