Indefinite Leave to Remain fee – is it fair?

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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5 December 2022

The costs of making applications for leave to remain in the UK and applications for indefinite leave to remain increases where the current costs for an application for indefinite leave to remain is £2,404. The actual cost according to the Home Office website as of 9th November 2022 for processing such an application is £243. So the Home Office is generating considerable income from each application. When one applies for indefinite leave to remain, they have already spent money on several initial and extension applications in order to get to that point.

The question is why the Home Office are charging so much money and the answer is because the Home Office is aiming to achieve a self-funded Borders and Immigration system which will “remove” the burden on the UK tax payer. Of course, if the prices are high that will price out migrants of modest means. If a family struggles to afford the fees, they are unlikely to come to the UK or sponsor their spouses to come here.

It is most upsetting that with the increase in prices, the service our client receives does not improve. And to add insult to injury the Home Office introduced a charge of £5.48 for anyone contacting the UK Visa & Immigration Service overseas by email. The controversial fee was brought in after the Home Office outsourced its customer inquiry service to a private firm.