The Ukrainian Crisis

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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22 March 2022

As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, so too does the UK government’s policy in response. This has been coupled with a huge amount of public debate and commentary surrounding the humanitarian crisis the Russian invasion has, and will continue, to cause. 

At Danielle Cohen Solicitors we are carefully monitoring both the changes in government policy and available options, and the popular debate; how many refugees the UK should accept, are we doing enough for those in Ukraine, and those Ukrainians already here? How would an asylum claim from a Ukrainian in the UK be received? Do policies which accept certain family members but not others sever units that cannot normally be so easily divided – least of all in times like this. 

We have extensive experience of working with nationals of many countries which have suffered conflict, humanitarian crisis and civil unrest. We have been successful in multiple applications outside of the immigration rules, and specialise in human rights related cases and applications – particularly those which seek to preserve family and private life rights. You might be considering your eligibility for an asylum or humanitarian protection claim and we can advise on this also.

It may be that your circumstances enable your application to one of the available government schemes (summarised below) directly, without legal support. 

Where your situation is more complex, we would be happy to discuss your circumstances through a free initial Zoom consultation. Just get in touch via our contact form, or call our office on 020 726 74133.

  1. If you are Ukrainian and you currently have family in the UK

The Ukraine Family Scheme allows family members of British nationals, or persons settled in the UK, to come to or stay in the UK. The eligibility requirements are set out on the .gov webpage, available here

  1. If you are Ukrainian and you are currently in the UK with valid leave to remain

Those Ukrainians who are already in the UK with a valid visa will be able to extend their visa, or may be able to switch to another immigration route if they are eligible. For example, you might be here on a visitor’s visa but would have been eligible to apply to come to the UK as a Skilled Worker. You might wish to explore your eligibility to switch.

We can offer advice on your eligibility for alternative visas and options.

  1. If you are Ukrainian and you have no family members in the UK

The government has announced a scheme called ‘Homes for Ukraine’ which allows members of the British public to sponsor Ukrainians to come to the UK. It is hoped that in time, this scheme, which is uncapped, will enable many Ukrainians to come to the UK with the assistance of a sponsor, who will assist with accommodation and integration support. 

Phase One of the scheme commenced on Friday 18 March, allowing those sponsors who know Ukrainians (but whom are not family members), to sponsor named individuals. It is expected that further Phases of the scheme will be rolled out in due course, which will enable organisations to sponsor individuals who they do not necessarily know.

Keep an eye on our blog for more information, as and when it is made available!