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The business visitor visa falls under the Standard Visitor visa category and it permits business people to travel to the UK for a short term stay, no longer than six months, for a specific range of business-related activities. This route does not lead to settlement in the UK and one cannot switch in country to any UK work-related visa routes.

What are business visit visa permitted activities?

You will need to demonstrate that you are genuinely seeking entry to the UK for the purpose that is permitted and you will be expected to carry out activities which are linked to your employment outside the UK in some way.

General business activities

Business visit visa holders may undertake the following general business activities:

  • Attend meetings, conferences, seminars, interviews;
  • Give a one-off or short series of talks and speeches provided these are not organised as commercial events and will not make a profit for the organiser;
  • Negotiate and sign deals and contracts;
  • Attend trade fairs, for promotional work only, provided the Visitor is not directly selling;
  • Carry out site visits and inspections;
  • Gather information for their employment overseas;
  • Be briefed on the requirements of a UK based customer, provided any work for the customer is done outside of the UK.

Can business visitor visa applications be refused?

The Home Office will scrutinise the applications for business visitor’s visa. If it considers that the applicant does not intend to leave the UK at the end of their stay the application will fall for refusal. Therefore, we can assist you in making sure that the application is prepared perfectly.

How can we help?

We will be able to support you throughout the process and have experience in preparing many applications of this nature, with a high success rate. We will assist you in checking which visa is right for you, apply online by creating an online account, and book an appointment for the Visa Application Centre. We will gather the supporting documents such as a letter from your employer outlining the reasons for your visit, evidence of your financial means, evidence of your social connections to your country of origin and thereafter ensure that you attend the Application Centre.

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