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What is a High Potential Individual visa?

The High Potential Individual visa is aimed at highly skilled and academically elite migrants; in particular, international graduates from the most prestigious universities around the world that are able to work in Britain without needing a job offer. This route is designed at making it easier for established UK companies and organisations to recruit the talent they need from abroad.

In particular in the digital technology, vaccine breakthrough, or other industries.

What are the eligibility requirements for the High Potential Individual visa?

The applicant must have been awarded an overseas Batchelor or Post-Graduate or equal qualification in the last five years from the top global university. This is a university that appears in the Home Office global universities list.

What are the individual visa requirements?

The applicant must have ability to understand and communicate in English to a certain level on the common European framework of reference for languages skill at level B1. If the applicant is a national from a majority English speaking country they will not be required to take an English test in order to satisfy the language requirement. The same applies to those awarded a degree taught in English or obtain an English GCSE A Level or Scottish National qualification level 4 or 5 while at school in the UK.

The financial requirements the applicant has to prove is that they have to show that they have cash funds of at least £1,270 at the date of the application. The funds must have been in the bank account for 28 days or more ending no more than 31 days before the date of the application. If the applicant is already in the UK and applying to switch into this route they will not need to show funds if they have lived in the UK for at least 12 months.

How much does it cost?

When you apply for the High Potential Individual visa you need to pay for ECCTIS to check your qualification is valid (£252 if you are applying from the UK or £210 if applying from outside of the UK) and also a £822 application fee and surcharge. This is usually £1,035 for each year you will be in the UK. That is in addition to the funds of £1,270 which must be available to you, unless you are exempt.

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