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The Scale-up Worker visa allows an individual to come to the UK to do an eligible job for a fast moving UK business and the UK.

Who can qualify for a Scale-up Worker visa?

  • An individual must have a confirmed job offer to work for an approved scale up business for at least six months
  • Have a certificate of sponsorship from the employer with information about the role you have been offered in the UK
  • Has a job offer to do a job that is on the eligible occupation list
  • Be paid a minimum salary in their new job

How do I know if my job is eligible?

Ask your employer to provide you with a four digit occupation code and then check it against the table of eligible occupations.

How will I know if the employer is eligible to sponsor me?

The UK employer will be on a list of approved UK employers and the Scale-up worker must be listed in the “route” column in the table.

Do I need to pass an English test?

You must be able to speak read and write in English and will need to prove knowledge of your English by passing a level B1 test on the Common European Framework of reference of language scale or provide other evidence such as a degree level academic qualification. Some nationals who are majority English speaking do not need to pass an English test.

How long can I stay?

A Scale-up Worker visa holder can stay for up to two years and will need to extend the Scale-up visa once it expires. You can extend it by an additional three years as long as you still meet the eligibility requirements and can apply for settlement after five years in the UK.

You can apply from outside or extend the visa in country or switch to this UK work visa from other categories. You cannot switch to this category in country if you are a visitor or on a short term student visa or the parent of a child student visa, seasonal worker, domestic worker or having leave to remain outside the Immigration Rules.

What are the advantages of the scale up route?

  • There is no immigration skills charge, saving the sponsor up to £1,000 per year of the visa
  • It allows flexibility for both the sponsor and the migrant worker as the migrant worker only needs to work for the sponsor for the initial six months of the visa
  • It has lower visa application fees than the skilled worker visa
  • Sponsorship compliance duties to the Home Office drop away after the initial six months
  • The migrant worker can change roles within the organisation and beyond without needing to apply for a new visa
  • The route leads to settlement following five years continuous residence either solely on this route or when combined with other qualifying visa routes, all that needs to be demonstrated is five years of continuous residence in the UK and to meet the eligibility requirements
  • Qualifying family members can apply for dependent visas (adult and child)

What can I do on a scale-up worker visa?

On a Scale-up Worker visa, you work in your sponsored job for at least 6 months and then are able to leave it should you wish.

You can study, take on additional work or voluntary work, bring eligible partners and children as dependants.

You cannot access public funds, the State Pension or work as a professional sportsperson.

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